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Powerful Women Week

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.

Michelle Obama


To me, a powerhouse woman does not do things alone. She supports and is supported by other women, and gives credit where credit is due. That’s what having power means – lifting others up at the same time.


I find it amazing that the Malay/Muslim community in Singapore can just go “Hi sis, hey sis, thank you sis” to one another without feeling a slight bit awkward. There is strength in sisterhood and feeling like you belong in a community.

Women with Vision

As a mom, I always tell my young daughter to be a woman with vision, and that anything is possible, even unicorns! 🦄 (when she goes to Jannah InshaaAllah) Don’t be afraid to dream big and let your dreams become your vision.

Dear Body

I’ve never had any body issues (but then again I’m average), but for those who struggle with body image, please remember that you are enough. Imperfections come and go. But a healthy body now is important till your golden years.

You are Worthy

Dear daughter,

You don’t need another person to tell you that you are loved. No matter who you are or what abilities you have, you have worth; and society will accept you for the value you bring to the world, so give back to it in your own ways.

Help the underprivileged, and through your acts of service you will see how blessed you are to be able to help others. When you find your path, you will find peace and contentment and you don’t need to look for gratification – in any man or from anywhere else.


What does it mean to me as a woman? It means to let our work speak for itself without having to endure mansplaining, a lower paycheck or even getting skipped for a leadership role as some women do at the workplace.

Give women more opportunities to shine. Don’t simply ‘forget’ us.

You Time

You time for me is being creative – doing what I do without the limits of deadlines, briefs or expectations. Me/You time is important when you’re juggling work, motherhood and marriage – among other responsibilities – so that you don’t burn out. What’s your you time?

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